Top 8 Android Apps Devoted to Spiritual Enlightenment

Nowadays the range of apps available to those using Android phones is simply massive. There is so much that can be done; from playing games to editing videos and from contacting people all over the world to researching areas of study. All in all, the scope of apps available is quite frankly something which is not comprehensible.

To use these apps effectively it is important to have some sort of mobile internet connection set up. Thus to avoid disappointment it is vital that an individual makes sure that they have an internet connection in place or else they will not be able to download apps onto their Android phone. There are a whole host of different options available, from Wi-Fi to prepaid internet, for more information head to a websites on broadband.

Android Apps Devoted to Spiritual Enlightenment

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of different apps available at present. However, one type of app which has become both extremely popular and extremely useful is those dedicated to spiritual enlightenment. In order to give those looking for a spiritual app a helping hand this article will reveal the top eight Android apps devoted to spiritual enlightenment

1) Prayer Journal

The ‘Prayer Journal’ app boasts originality over its competitors as there is quite frankly nothing else like it. The app allows people to enter the topics in which they have been praying about into a journal which they can share with their friends. The ‘Prayer Journal’  is also extremely cheap in price, costing online $0.99.

2) Mosaic Holy Bible

No other app offers such diversification when it comes to the way in which one can prayer or experience spiritual enlightenment. The way in which one can find faith, reflect and connect with their spirit is through the following mediums; prayers, hymns, quotes, scripture, art, creeds and more.

3) Tao Te Ching

Nothing makes your mind wonder like a quote from the Chinese classic Tao Te Ching. This app is full of quotes from the classic work which will broaden ones insight and make them look deeper into the meanings of spiritual sayings.

4) Spiritual Nature Wallpapers

What better way to experience all things spiritual then to pick up an Android phone and see a spiritual nature wallpaper? This app has a unique yet effective take on spirituality and it is available entirely free of cost.

5) YouVersion Bible

‘YouVersion Bible’ allows an individual to either listen or read extracts from the Bible. They can also make notes on their reading experience as well as post verses on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

6) Spiritual Radio

‘Spiritual Radio’ is a free app which allows Android users to listen to a radio which is dedicated to Indian spiritual content. The music played is carefully chosen and features some of India’s biggest names.

7) Nirmal Baba

In India Nirmal Baba is a well-known and highly regarded spiritual guru. This app will tell people everything that they need to know about Nirmal Baba, including where he is set to appear next.

8) Daily Bible

The reason why the ‘Daily Bible’ app takes top spot on this list is that it provides people with encouragement and motivation through the daily bible verses that the individual with the Android phone is notified with each day. Moreover, the search feature on this app is effective and efficient as one can easily search a verse or even a topic in order to find what they are looking for. An individual can even set their very own bible reading plan. A final point worth considering is that this app is absolutely free of charge, meaning it won’t set anyone back a penny!

Now the top eight apps have been revealed, the only question remains; which one will be getting downloaded? Remember, it is crucial to have a mobile internet connection or else it will not be possible to download anything.

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